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2008-03-19 15:09:47 by marchohare

PLEASE NOTE: "Twisted Demo" made the daily Top Five on June 12, 2011, and was carrying a score of 3.65 as of October 30, 2011. On that date, I uploaded a political video, "A Message from the 99%," that caught the attention of an obsessed nutcase. Fortunately, he can't do anything about the Top 5 trophy on "Twisted Demo," which refutes its score.

"A Message from the 99%" came in at 6th place on October 30, 2011, and was carrying a score of 3.55 at the end of the day on the 31st. A submission does not come off the front page at 3.55, then drop to 2.96 in 20 days without being deliberately attacked. Obviously, the law of averages prohibits that. My scores no longer reflect an accurate statistical sample of Newgrounds users.

Newgrounds' policy of allowing anyone to vote repeatedly on the same submission encourages such things.

UPDATE (13 hours later): The user "Catone" has confirmed that he's my obsessed stalker. He submitted a review on "Twisted Demo" (in which he spent half his time ranting about "A Message from the 99%," stupidly enough) within six hours of my altering this "LATEST NEWS" column and my Author Comments.

Clever boy, eh?


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2011-06-16 00:07:09

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2011-10-31 16:14:56

Holy shit, I haven't seen you in ages! Welcome back :3

marchohare responds:

Howdy, MultiCanimefan! I'm flattered that anyone remembers me. I dumped my account a couple of years ago, thinking Newgrounds was just not my audience. I was doing better on YouTube. However, after I made "Twisted Demo" I figured, What the hell? The old account was still here, although I had completely emptied it out.

Well, "Twisted Demo" made the Top Five and I decided to give Newgrounds another chance. I sill don't primarily do stuff with this place in mind, though. I made "A Message from the 99%" right before the 2010 elections, although it had a different title, was longer and angrier and ended in "I think, therefore I'm mad." It did well on YouTube, but I always thought it was too angry. (Its original title was "Sold-Out Whores!") So, when the O.W.S. movement started gaining momentum, I re-purposed it.

That's why "Twisted Demo" contains a clip from it even though I posted "A Message from the 99%" four months later.